Borders Crematorium

Located in a peaceful and secluded location, Borders Crematorium is situated on a site below the Eildon Hills. The crematorium has been carefully designed to retain as much of the natural surroundings as possible and the building is one of the most environmentally friendly facilities in Europe. The dedicated cremation chapel holds services every hour which allows 30 minutes for each service. Extended services can be arranged at an additional cost. The chapel is non-denominational so it can be uniquely personalised for each funeral. There is plenty of seating room in the chapel with space for 100 people and a further 50 standing. Music often plays a key role in many funeral services and you are free to use the modern computerised music system in the chapel if you wish. Recording and web casting facilities are also available if they are required.
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Contact information

Borders Crematorium, Melrose, TD6 9HA
Telephone 0189 682 3357

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