Rochdale Crematorium

Based in Bury Road in Rochdale, Rochdale Crematorium is one of the 5 different options that those in the Rochdale area can consider for a service. This particular crematorium is found within the Rochdale Cemetery and features a separate chapel for funeral services. Rochdale Crematorium not only offers the ability to develop a unique and personal service, it also offers a book of remembrance room for those who wish to reflect on the life of a loved one after the cremation service has taken place. There is also a dedicated memorial garden in the grounds as well. Toilet facilities and water taps are located within the grounds, allowing you to care for flowers at memorial sites. Currently managed by the bereavement team at Rochdale Council, the crematorium can help you plan a personal and meaningful service for a loved one.
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Contact information

Bury Road, Rochdale, OL11 4DG
Telephone 0170 664 5219

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