East Lancashire Crematorium

Dedicated in June 2007 by the Bishop of Bolton, East Lancashire Crematorium was the 250th crematorium that was opened in the UK. Crematoriums are designed to offer the bereaved comfort and tranquillity and East Lancashire Crematorium is no different. Located in a picturesque setting, the crematorium is within spacious grounds that overlook Bury and the Pennines and since it opened, it has been providing cremation services to the local areas of Lancashire and North Manchester. Cremation services can be planned to accommodate many different requests whether it is a non-religious or religious service, with music or without. The crematorium allocates 45 minutes to each funeral service although longer service times or memorial services can be arranged upon request. The crematorium welcomes members of the public to visit the crematorium to have a look around at any time of the year and an annual Open Day is held as well as two remembrance services each year.
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Contact information

Cemetery Road, Bury, M26 4EU
Telephone 0161 724 6349

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