Middleton Crematorium

Founded in 1912, Middleton Crematorium is just one of several choices for those living in the Rochdale and surrounding areas. Located in Middleton in the Greater Manchester area, the crematorium has a variety of features for those who are looking to organise a personalised service for a loved ones. The beautiful building comes complete with everything that you would want within a crematorium. It makes for a peaceful and dignified setting for any service and comes with a book of remembrance room, as well as a memorial garden, which offers fantastic ways for people to remember those that they have lost. The crematorium also comes with toilets and a water tap within the cemetery. The cemetery itself comes with a Green Flag status and even has a Friends Group which take an active part of running of the cemetery.
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Contact information

Boarshaw Road, Middleton, M24 2NH
Telephone 0161 643 4321

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