Blackley Crematorium

Blackley Crematorium on Victoria Avenue has been open since 1953 and it was built on a site that was originally a farm. The cemetery is located on a site that blends into the rolling hills and surrounding countryside, providing a peaceful rural setting for quiet contemplation. As the only crematorium owned by the council, Blackley Crematorium features a light and airy chapel which can accommodate 300 mourners. There are two side chapels which are slightly smaller both of which can seat up to 60 people. Each chapel provides a peaceful, comforting and welcoming environment for a funeral service. Music often forms an important part of a cremation service and there is a library of music available to select suitable accompaniments. Families sometimes prefer to provide their own music and this can be arranged. As well as the sound system, there is also a loop induction system for the hearing impaired.
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Victoria Ave, Manchester, M9 8JP
Telephone 0161 227 3201

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