Cottingley Hall Crematorium

Owned and managed by Leeds City Council, Cottingley Hall Crematorium is located on the Ring Road in Leeds. Planning a funeral service should be carried out with dignity and respect and the staff at Leeds City Council will ensure that as many of your requirements as possible are adequately accommodated during the service. Standard service times are 40 minutes which does include time to enter and exit the chapel at the start and end of the service, so the actual service should last for no longer than 30 minutes. A funeral service is something that is personal and unique. If you would like music, this can be arranged and the service will be tailored to suit your religious or non-religious beliefs, traditions and customs. The Chapel has seating room for approximately 80 people but for larger congregations there is space in the chapel for people to stand during the service.
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Contact information

Ring Road, Leeds, LS11 0EU
Telephone 0113 267 3188

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