Lawnswood Crematorium

Designed by WS Braithwaite, Lawnswood Crematorium fits in well with the Grade 2 listed Gothic Revival style chapels by George Corson. The Crematorium was opened in 1905 and it was the first crematorium in Britain to make use of the gas cremator. The first cremation took place in 1905. The crematorium is still in use today, even though a number of repairs and improvements have been carried out to the building. Service times can be booked at the chapel and fall every 40 minutes throughout the day. This time should also cover entering and leaving the chapel at the start and end of the service so this should be factored in to the timings when planning the service. The Chapel has seating room for 80 people with additional room for standing in the chapel if this is required for larger congregations.
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Contact information

Otley Road, Leeds, LS16 6AH
Telephone 0113 267 3188

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