Putney Vale Crematorium

Situated on a 47 acre site within the grounds of Putney Vale cemetery, Putney Vale Crematorium is surrounded by Wimbledon Common and Putney Heath. Two chapels at the crematorium are available for services. The West Chapel is a typical Church of England chapel with intricate woodwork and high beamed ceilings. The chapel has seating capacity for 80 people and additional room for approximately 30 people to stand. If a larger congregation is in attendance, external speakers can be used to broadcast the service outside of the chapel. An organ and organist are provided for traditional music. If you prefer something more modern, you are free to play music from your own CDs during the service. The East Chapel is more modern with a light, bright airy feel. The East Chapel has seating for 70 people and a further 30 standing. There are also facilities to play music either through the organ or by CD provided by the family.
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Stag Lane, London, SW15 3DZ
Telephone 020 8788 2113

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