Kingston Crematorium

Kingston Crematorium provides a calm and comforting setting in which to conduct a funeral service. Kingston Crematorium chapel can be used for cremation services and can accommodate a total of 60 mourners. For larger congregations there is sufficient area which is covered by external speakers, allowing additional attendees to participate in the service. The crematorium is located within the grounds of the Kingston Cemetery on Bonner Hill Road located in beautiful surroundings, offering beautiful trees and gardens which provides a respectful and dignified place to say your goodbyes to a loved one. Services at Kingston Crematorium are available throughout the week, Monday to Friday and they can be arranged on Saturday mornings but this does incur a small additional fee. Weekday services begin at 9am and run throughout the day until the last service which is held at 4:20pm. Service times usually last for 40 minutes, but longer service times can be arranged.
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Contact information

Bonner Hill Road, Kingston, KT1 3EZ
Telephone 020 8546 4462

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