Salisbury Crematorium

Offering a cremation service throughout the Salisbury district, the Salisbury Crematorium has been in operation since 1960. The building itself, however, has recently undergone a £2.6 million refurbishment that not only has improved the décor and comfort throughout but also made it entirely more environmentally friendly too. With a Scandinavian designed chapel, this particular crematorium is able to cater to a wide range of faiths. For your service you can choose from the state of the art music library with an almost endless supply of music, as well as a live organist whom can play traditional music if required. This particular crematorium also has a garden of remembrance which can be visited to reflect as well as a book of remembrance which can give you a place to remember those loved ones that have passed.
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Contact information

1 Barrington Road, Salisbury, SP1 3JB
Telephone 0172 233 3632

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