Pleasington Crematorium

To find Pleasington crematorium, drive along the road, travelling past the playing fields, drive over the bridge and through the gate. Keep on going up the hill and the cemetery is found on the right. The lake is directly opposite. Continue up the hill and the crematorium is directly in front. Pleasington offers a number of services including cremations, gardens of remembrance, a book of remembrance and services of a lay reader where required. The crematorium and Book of Remembrance are open 09:00am through to 4pm Monday to Friday. Shorter opening times apply on weekends when the hours are between 12noon and 4pm. Cremated scatterings can be arranged 7 days a week. The service can be created to suit your requirements and you may wish to play music. The crematorium has a selection of music available or you can supply your own CD which can be played during the service.
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Contact information

Tower Road, Blackburn, BB2 6AF
Telephone 0125 420 2021

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