Charnock Richard Crematorium

Serving communities throughout Lancashire, Charnock Richard Crematorium was dedicated in 2007 by the Bishop of Blackburn. Located in a quiet location, surrounded by open countryside, the Charnock Richard Crematorium is a tranquil yet modern facility featuring beautiful grounds and friendly staff who are always willing to help develop a truly personal cremation service. The crematorium is opened by Dignity Plc and the staff have very high customer care standards. The crematorium caters for many different types of funeral service and you can choose a non-religious or religious service reflecting your customs and traditions. If you would like to include music at any point in the service, this can be arranged, either using the Wesley Music System within the crematorium or via a live organ. A public address system is also available in the crematorium. The building itself is considerably larger than many of the usual crematorium buildings and as such, the crematorium can accommodate larger coffins. Service times are approximately 45 minutes but if you require a longer service time this can be arranged upon request.
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Contact information

Preston Road, Charnock Brow, Chorley, PR7 5JP
Telephone 0125 723 0976

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