Peel Green Crematorium

Set within the 32 acres of the Peel Green Cemetery, the Peel Green Crematorium is operated and run by Salford City Council. The crematorium was set up in May 1955 in the former Non-conformist burial chamber within the site. It can seat up to 80 mourners and comes with not only a public address system, but also a hearing loop for those that have hearing difficultly. During your service you can choose from a live electronic organ or use the audio system if you prefer. The cemetery site as a whole comes with a Green Flag Status and has undergone a number of improvements that will benefit those who are organising a service there as well as offering a benefit to those whose loved ones are already buried in the grounds.
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Contact information

716 Liverpool Road, Eccles, M30 7LW
Telephone 0161 686 7290

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