North East Surrey Crematorium

Based in Morden, Surrey, the North East Surrey Crematorium provides both memorial and cremation services. There are a number of facilities to help visitors on the day of the cremation or after the service has taken place. Cremation services can be arranged at the crematorium at any time between 9:20am and 4:40pm Monday to Friday. Services can last for up to 40 minutes. Where additional time is required, this can be arranged upon request, but prior notice is required. Weekend services or those that take place later in the day can also be accommodated. Within the crematorium there is seating for a total of 80 mourners, although there is additional standing room both inside of the chapel and outside. Where outside space is required, the service can be relayed outside by speakers, but prior notice must be provided. Services can be either religious, non-secular or informal or they can be omitted completely.
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Contact information

Cemetery Lodge, Lower Morden Lane, Morden, SM4 4NU
Telephone 020 8337 4835

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