Mansfield Crematorium

Mansfield Crematorium provides a dignified and respectful place to commemorate the life of a loved one. The Newstead Chapel is the smallest of two available chapels, providing seating for 60 people with additional standing room. Although smaller than the Thorseby Chapel it does benefit from the same benefits and features as the larger chapel, Thorseby. For larger congregations the glazed waiting room to the entrance of the chapel can be used so the service can be both seen and heard. Within the Thorseby Chapel, there are 2 manual Copeman-Hart Organs for traditional music. A state of the art sound system is available in both of the chapels allowing families to play their own selection of music. Families are actively encouraged to personalised the funeral service of their loved one, bands, musicians and choirs are encouraged to attend the service to make it meaningful and personalised. Where additional time is required, services can be extended up to 75 minutes but this will incur an additional fee.
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Derby Road, Mansfield, NG18 5BJ
Telephone 0162 362 1811

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