Lambley Crematorium

Privately owned, Gedling Crematorium is managed by the Westerleigh Group who have built the crematorium in beautiful surroundings. The building has been designed to reflect the natural surroundings around the building and the site offers peace and tranquillity for the bereaved. When funeral services are held at the crematorium they have been carefully planned throughout the day and are allocated 60 minute slots. This allows 30 minutes for the cremation service and then a further 30 minutes to settle into the chapel and depart at the end of the service. The Westerleigh Group encourage families to create a personalised and unique service and as such they are extremely accommodating to all religions and beliefs. The chapel can be personalised to suit each service. Music can be played using the modern music system or there is a Viscount organ which can be used. Web casting and recording of the service can also be arranged. Technology in the chapel can synchronise visual tributes with music or displayed photographs which are shown on screen during the service.
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Catfoot Lane, Nottingham, NG4 4QH
Telephone 0115 967 5230

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