Sherwood Forest Crematorium

Sherwood Forest Crematorium has only been open since 2006 and it was dedicated by the Bishop of Southwell. The building was the first of its kind throughout the UK to be constructed with equipment to safeguard against heavy metal pollution. The owners of the crematorium, Dignity Plc, ensure that highly skilled and well trained staff are available to help you with every step of planning the cremation service. No matter what query or request you have, the staff will try their very best to provide the response that you need. Many different types of service take place at Sherwood Forest Crematorium whether it is a religious or non religious service. Many people would like music to feature during the service and this request can be accommodated whether it is through a traditional organ, or the Wesley system which has a vast library containing thousands of options ranging from classical music right through to modern day. Service times can be anything up to 45 minutes.
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Newark Road, New Ollerton, NG22 0DY
Telephone 0162 386 0500

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