Macclesfield Crematorium

Macclesfield Crematorium is located within the cemetery grounds on Prestbury Road. The crematorium opened in August 1960 after being converted from a non-conformist chapel. The building is located on a beautiful site, overlooking the Whitfield Brook Valley. The grounds have a natural beauty about them, located amongst colourful shrubs and impressive trees, offering peace and tranquillity. The crematorium chapel is available for all types of funeral service. Seating is available for 78 mourners. You may wish to have a service elsewhere followed by a brief service at the crematorium and this can be arranged as required. Braille service books and wheelchairs are available if these are required. The services last approximately 40 minutes but more time can be arranged if you wish to book a longer service. Within the grounds there are two car parks which are situated on either side of the chapel. These can be accessed by Prestbury Road and Westminster Road.
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Contact information

Prestbury Road, Macclesfield, SK10 3BU
Telephone 0162 538 3948

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