Kirleatham Crematorium

In 2014 Kirkleatham Crematorium was opened to provide cremation services to the residents of Redcar and Cleveland. Located in a rural setting next to Fishponds Roundabout in the small village of Yearby, the crematorium offers a peaceful setting for a cremation service and lasting memorial. The crematorium building is surrounded by perfectly manicured gardens, and picturesque views of the countryside. Bookings at the crematorium are allocated on an hourly basis, with 40 minutes allocated to the cremation service and the remaining time for arrival and departure. The crematorium is owned by Memoria Limited and they offer a range of contemporary facilities for the modern day service. These include an advanced music system, live organ, plasma television screens for video or still image displays and there is the facility to stream the service live over the internet to those who are unable to attend the service in person on the day.
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Contact information

Fishponds Road, Yearby, TS11 8HH
Telephone 0164 277 1041

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