Darlington Crematorium

Darlington Crematorium was only the fifth crematorium in the country to operate when it opened in 1901. The crematorium as it is known today opened in 1960 and has been providing dignified cremation services ever since. Located in the grounds of West Cemetery on Carmel Road North the crematorium has two gardens of remembrance. To the rear of the existing crematorium building is where the old garden of remembrance is located and was used until 1990. The new garden of remembrance is opposite the car park and it came into use in 1991. The crematorium building has its own chapel for both religious and non-religious services and it has seating for up to 58 people. There is a small annex in the chapel which can accommodate a further 40 mourners.
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Contact information

Carmel Road North, Darlington, DL3 8RY
Telephone 0132 546 6646

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