Hartlepool Crematorium

Stranton Crematorium also referred to as Hartlepool Crematorium was opened in 1954 and it is currently managed by Hartlepool Borough Council. The Council are members of the Federation of Cremation Authorities and as a result they are obliged to adhere to very strict codes of practice which stipulate the required standards for cremation services. Hartlepool Crematorium is located within Stranton Grange Cemetery. There are two chapels which can be used for funeral services; one is used for burials and the other for cremations. Cremations take place Monday to Friday with the first service starting at 9:30am and the last at 3pm. Where an extended service is required, this can be arranged, but 3 working days notice must be provided before the service. This will also incur an additional charge. Services can be tailored to suit your requirements and the crematorium is a non-denominational facility accommodating all faiths, beliefs and customs.
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Contact information

Stranton Cemetery Lodge, Tanfield Road, Hartlepool, TS25 5DD
Telephone 0142 927 4517

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