Houndwood Crematorium

Constructed during the 1830s, Houndwood Church was developed to accommodate the communities in Grantshouse and Reston. The first funeral service took place in what was eventually named Reston Chapel in 1836. However the grounds have come a long way since then. In 2003 the B-Listed building was acquired by Carlton Group and converted into Houndwood Crematorium. The project was completed with help from local tradesmen including carpenters, stonemasons, gardeners and roofers. The crematorium finally opened to the public in 2015. The crematorium currently delivers many different types of funeral service. Surrounding the crematorium is some expertly designed and carefully maintained Gardens of Remembrance. The Chapel can seat 120 mourners and it features an organ, a CD player, hearing loop and washing facilities. The site also has adequate parking for use during the service or when visiting the Gardens of Remembrance.
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Contact information

Houndwood Church, By Eyemouth, TD14 5TP
Telephone 0136 185 0313

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