Durham Crematorium

Durham Crematorium on South Road (the A177) is situated in beautifully landscaped grounds with views over the meadowland. The crematorium chapel is of a hexagonal shape, designed by JP Chaplin and can accommodate 150, with seating space for 100 and standing room for a further 50. Cremation services are held every hour and a half, providing sufficient time for the chapel to be prepared between services and then the 20 minute service. The crematorium allows bereaved families and friends to tailor the services to their specific requirements, including music, webcasts and visual tributes if required. Following the funeral, a Book of Remembrance is available which is a permanent memorial. A walled memorial garden is also available which was opened in 2002 and it provides a peaceful environment for quiet reflection. Within the garden there is also a pond featuring four gentle fountains and a bronze crane.
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Contact information

South Road, Durham, DH1 3TQ
Telephone 0191 384 8677

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