Great Grimsby Crematorium

Great Grimsby Crematorium has all of the modern day facilities required to provide a fitting tribute to a loved one. It offers the bereaved a place of comfort and peace where they can say a final goodbye. Within the grounds which span nine acres, there is the crematorium, chapel, memorial facilities and gardens of remembrance. Traditional funeral services do not necessarily have to be followed at Great Grimsby Crematorium, it is entirely up to you what type of service that you decide to have. A Minister of Religion is available to conduct the service, you may wish to have a humanist or independent celebrant instead. Bookings for the crematorium are spaced at 40 minute intervals throughout the day which allows 30 minutes inside of the crematorium for the service. Additional time can be made available upon request but this must be arranged before the day of the funeral.
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Contact information

Weelsby Ave, Great Grimsby, DN32 0BA
Telephone 0147 232 4869

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