Greenock Crematorium

Greenock Crematorium is unique building, reflecting a modern Scandinavian 1950s style and the building has changed very little since it was constructed. Cremations take place Monday to Saturday at quite specific times. Between Monday and Friday, services are available on the hour from 9am through to 3pm. Cremations can also take place on Saturday morning and there are three slots available at 9am, 10am and 11am. Planning a cremation service can be a difficult time. The owners of the crematorium, Inverclyde Council have a dedicated bereavement team and Crematorium office where staff can help you plan the finer details and create a beautifully personalised service dedicated to the life of a loved one. The crematorium caters well for all service requirements and you are free to choose a religious or non religious service. You may even choose not to have a service at all. The crematorium staff are very accommodating and they will plan the cremation around your requirements.
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Contact information

1 South Strett, Greenock, PA16 8UG
Telephone 0147 571 5658

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