Cardross Crematorium

Cardross Crematorium can be found 1 mile west of the village on the A814. Situated in a peaceful setting with the River Clyde and the Cowal Peninsula as a backdrop, the crematorium offers bereaved friends and family a place to remember and reflect. The service room has seating for 137 which is plenty of room for friends and family and there are a further 24 spaces in the gallery. A qualified organist is employed by the Crematorium to provide music if required during the service. The Book of Remembrance is open each day between 10am and 4pm and cremations take place Monday to Friday and Saturday Morning. The crematorium is closed on Christmas Day and New Years Day. Arrangements for the burial of ashes can be arranged in the crematorium grounds. The Book of Remembrance at Cardross crematorium is open every day displaying the current date so that you can view entries on anniversaries for many years.
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Contact information

Main Road, Cardross, G82 5HD
Telephone 0138 984 1313

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