Clydebank Crematorium

Found in North Dalnottar Cemetery which is not far from Duntocher Clydebank Crematorium was opened in 1967. It is managed by West Dunbarton Council and provides services for those throughout the area. A large chapel that has plenty of space, there is space for up to 266 seated within the chapel, with additional room for as many as 500 people standing. There are a whole host of features within the crematorium, this includes the ability to play music through the Allan Organ, for a traditional feel as well as playing CD music if this is required. There is also disabled parking, disabled toilets and a hearing loop system too. The crematorium comes with waiting rooms that are tastefully decorated and comfortable and also has a Hall of Remembrance and a flower room too.
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Contact information

Mountblow Road, Clydebank, G81 4SL
Telephone 0141 562 2412

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