Paisley Crematorium

The Paisley Cemetery Company Ltd currently own and operate the cemetery and Paisley Crematorium. Located on the hilltop between Ferguslie House and Woodside House, the cemetery covers an area of just over 20 acres. The crematorium was purpose built and designed by a well known architect James Steel Maitland and it is one of the best buildings of its kind in the country. Today it holds listed building status. Currently the crematorium services not only Renfrewshire and Paisley but also West Glasgow and North Ayrshire. There are three gardens of remembrance which provide a peaceful setting for quiet contemplation following the cremation service. A number of memorial options are available at the crematorium including the Book of Remembrance, a Cloister Plaque, oak panels or wall mounted, engraved stone tablets.
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Contact information

46 Broomlands Street, Paisley, PA1 2NP
Telephone 0141 889 2260

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