Overdale Crematorium

Overdale Crematorium has been serving residents in the local area since 1954 and it is perfectly located in a secluded, residential area easily accessible from many areas of Bolton. The Gardens of Remembrance provide peace and tranquillity and is a place that is greatly appreciated by all kinds of visitors. There are two chapels: east and west and they both have state of the art sound systems and facilities to play music during the service. The East chapel has seating for up to 50 mourners and the West chapel is slightly larger with seating for 75. The crematorium is situated within 9 acres of lawned gardens and beautiful woodland and the Gardens of Remembrance are in a secluded section of the site which offer a quiet and dignified atmosphere to mediate or as a place to reflect. Located on Overdale Drive in Bolton, Overdale Crematorium is open Monday to Friday 08:30am through to 5:45pm and Weekends and Bank Holidays 10am through to 2pm.
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Contact information

Overdale Drive, Bolton, BL1 5BU
Telephone 0120 433 4499

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