Coychurch Crematorium

With two chapels, Coychurch Crematorium has a range of facilities available for all types of service. Crallo chapel is the largest of the two which has capacity for 140 mourners and extra standing room towards the back of the chapel. Coity chapel is slightly smaller with seating for 70 people. Cremation services take place Monday to Saturday at the following times: Between 9am and 3:45pm Monday to Thursday | Between 9am and 3:15pm on Fridays The crematorium is closed on public holidays and Sundays. There are strict timings for the cremation services at Coychurch with each service being restricted to 30 minutes. However services can be extended in half hourly sections if required. It is very much up to you whether you would prefer a religious or non-religious service and there is no set format for the way in which the service takes place. The family of the deceased are able to arrange any type of service including non-religious, religious or no service at all depending on your wishes. Music can be made available however personal CDs are not currently accepted.
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Contact information

Simonston Road, Coychurch, Bridgend, CF35 6AB
Telephone 0165 665 6605

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