Margam Crematorium

As the eighth crematorium to be built in Wales, the Margam Crematorium opened in May 1969. Located near the Margam Interchange just east of Port Talbot, but far enough away from the busy road, the site offers peace and tranquillity to remember loved ones. The Crematorium building can be described as both unique and original and was carefully designed by a team of Architects, Engineers and the Joint Committee to provide a welcoming and comforting place for contemplation and reflection. The care and dedication used to construct the facility continues today with a team of skilled professionals who are there to make the cremation services as dignified and respectful as possible. Accommodating many different religions, each service is planned and delivered in accordance with the requirements of the family and the deceased, whether the service is religious, non religious or incorporates certain customs or traditions.
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Contact information

Longland Lane, Port Talbot, SA13 2NR
Telephone 0163 988 3570

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