Chesterfield Crematorium

Surrounded by woodland and fields, Chesterfield Crematorium offers a peaceful resting place. In 1954, the Chesterfield and District Joint Crematorium committee acquired the 20 acre site and since this time they have carefully landscaped the grounds with a variety of flowers, trees and shrubs. The crematorium building was opened in 1959. Anyone can be cremated at the crematorium regardless of where they live or what religious beliefs they hold. There are two areas where cremated remains can be scattered; one to the north and the second toward the south which is named Woodland Walk. The surroundings offer the bereaved a comforting atmosphere which provides a place for quiet reflection. The chapel has been recently refurbished with new seating and greater capacity and currently has space for between 80 and 100 mourners. New carpets have been fitted and there are new areas for floral displays.
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Contact information

Chesterfield Road, Chesterfield, S43 1AU
Telephone 0124 634 5888

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