Hutcliffe Wood Crematorium

Owned by Sheffield City Council, Hutcliffe Wood Crematorium is perhaps one of the more modern facilities in the local area. It was built in 1974 and is able to accommodate up to 150 people with ease. Next to the crematorium there is a 9 acre garden of remembrance where you can arrange for a memorial to be placed to remember the loved one that has left you. There are a number of facilities available to those with special requirements who are attending the service. This includes an induction loop for the hearing impaired as well as disabled parking and disabled access too. For services at this particular crematorium you can choose from a traditional organ to play music, or for a more modern approach you can opt for music to be played through the sound system.
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Contact information

Periwood Lane, Sheffield, S8 0HN
Telephone 0114 239 6068

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