Streetly Crematorium

Managed by Walsall Council, Streetly Crematorium was opened in 1984 as a replacement to the crematorium that was based in Ryecroft. It is found within a 27 acre site to the east of Walsall and is the ideal setting for those who would like a rural service that is within a beautiful area. There are two chapels within this particular crematorium, this includes the West Chapel which is able to seat 90 people as well as the East chapel which can hold 50 people. Not of the chapels offer services every 45 minutes and services are held for 30 minutes. There is a one way flow of mourners which ensure that privacy is maintained at all times. Music within the chapels is supplied digitally and therefore any requests for particular music has to be made in advance. There are also modern electronic organs which can be requested for those that like the idea of a more traditional service.
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Contact information

296 Little Hardwick Road, Aldridge, WS9 0SG
Telephone 0845 111 2848

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