Sandwell Valley Crematorium

Found in West Bromwich, Sandwell Valley Crematorium is a modern offering for those who want to organise a service. Each service is booked 45 minutes apart from other services and are scheduled to last 30 minutes. There is also a waiting room that is available close to the entrance of the chapel which is open for those people who arrive early. The chapel within this crematorium is able to seat up to 150 people, and alongside this there is a balcony area as well as additional standing space. For those that are unable to attend the service it is possible for it to be recorded onto a DVD which can be purchased and shared with this who require it. For those who wish to, you can organise for a slideshow of photos or a video to be played during the service, there is also the ability to play a live organ or music from a CD or from the online database. This particular crematorium is also able to cater for pets.
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Contact information

Newton Road, West Bromwich, B71 3SX
Telephone 0121 569 6700

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