Bradwell Crematorium

Bradwell Crematorium is an extensive site which opened in 1965. The majority of the 12 acre grounds were lawned areas until 1993 when a period of improvement works began on the site to develop a new remembrance garden and a dedicated babies remembrance section. The ambitious project was finally completed in 2003 and in the last 10 years, the grounds have changed remarkably from what they once were. The grounds are not only used by those attending cremation services, but also for members of the public to contemplate or remember. The services held at the crematorium can be tailored to meet the wishes of the deceased and their family, with the crematorium catering for all denominations, beliefs or non-beliefs. Music often plays an integral part of the cremation service and the crematorium staff will accommodate many requirements for music using either traditional hymns or music provided by the family.
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Chatterley Close, Newcastle, ST5 8LE
Telephone 0178 263 5498

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