Southampton Crematorium

Set in a beautiful natural woodland, Southampton Crematorium offers up a peaceful place for you to remember your loved ones. It comes in serene surroundings where you will find a Garden of Rest, which offers up a place for loved ones to go and remember those that they have lost. The crematorium comes with two chapels, both of which have their own dedicated chapel attendant who is able to help with anything that is needed. The East chapel is able to accommodate up to 126 people seating and also has the ability to broadcast the service outside. The west chapel is better suited to those who are looking for a more intimate service and can accommodate up to 45 seated guests. Both of the chapels come with their own car parks and waiting rooms, which can be used for those who are early to the service.
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Contact information

Bassett Green Road, Southampton, SO16 3NE
Telephone 023 8076 6405

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