Wessex Vale Crematorium

In December 2009 Wessex Vale Crematorium opened to serve the communities of Eastleigh and surrounding boroughs. The crematorium is privately owned and the people who manage the crematorium have set very high standards, providing an exemplary level of service from start to finish. The crematorium is situated within carefully manicured grounds which are well maintained and looked after throughout the year. Funeral times take place every 45 minutes allowing for a 25 minute service which is often plenty of time for many families. If you would like additional time however, this can be arranged on request. As a non-denominational chapel, the crematorium accommodates funeral services from all beliefs and religions and it can be personalised to suit. There is a modern music system that can be used to play almost any type of music during the service and web casting facilities are available for those who cannot attend the service in person. The crematorium currently has seating for 100 mourners plus additional standing room. For extra large congregations the service can be relayed to dedicated outdoor areas where the service can be heard.
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Contact information

Bubb Lane, West End, SO30 2HL
Telephone 0148 978 6617

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