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Find local funeral directors in Sheffield

The city of Sheffield and the surrounding area make up England’s third largest district authority, with 575,400 people calling it home. Our online comparison tool can help you choose between the best local funeral homes in Sheffield. Click a profile to see a list of services, a detailed price list and genuine customer reviews.

Once you’ve chosen one or two businesses from our list of funeral directors to reach out to, you can contact them directly using the site or by calling the number supplied.

What kinds of funeral services are offered by the Sheffield funeral directors near me?

The funeral directors serving the Sheffield area have years of experience serving families from a wide range of backgrounds. They can be trusted to delicately deal with all requests in a unique and caring way. No matter what your family’s needs are, funeral directors such as W Simpson & Son and J F Knight Independent Family Funeral Directors can help you arrange a funeral that will perfectly reflect the life lived by your loved one.

How much do funeral directors in Sheffield cost?

One of the key things to think about when you’re trying to find a funeral home is cost. Funerals in Sheffield cost over £5,055 on average. Cremation is a less-expensive option, with the average cost sitting at around £4,563 compared to £5,547 for a burial.

However, funeral costs vary based on the kind of funeral director services you choose and the funeral home you go with. Our filters can help you adapt the quotes shown so that they take your specific wishes into account. You can rearrange our list of funeral directors by price, or by distance if you’d like to find the nearest funeral home.

Ready to get started? Browse the profiles of Sheffield funeral directors near you, compare funeral prices, read genuine customer reviews and contact them directly here. It’s free and there’s no obligation to proceed with any of the local funeral directors you contact.