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Find local funeral directors in Manchester

Manchester is a city in the metropolitan borough of Greater Manchester with a population of 530,300. The city and the surrounding area are served by over 200 local funeral directors offering both traditional and modern arrangements.

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What kinds of funeral services are offered by funeral directors in Manchester?

Whether you need to arrange a Christian, Islamic, Jewish, Buddhist, Sikh or secular funeral, it’s easy to find an experienced Manchester funeral director who will be happy to assist you. Natural burials and traditional services are all simple to arrange.

Businesses like Kane Funeral Servicesand Pearson Funeral Services are among the many long-standing local funeral homes in Manchester that can help you organise a respectful and dignified memorial service.

How much do funeral directors in Manchester cost?

Funerals in Manchester cost about £3,224 on average, with the cost of a funeral service with a burial sitting at around £3,555 and the cost for a funeral with a cremation being £2,892.

It’s worth remembering that the final cost of the funeral will ultimately depend on the funeral director services you choose, and who provides them. Holding an early morning or weekday funeral service can be less-expensive, as well.

Don’t be afraid to shop around and make a few enquiries: there’s no need to settle for the nearest funeral home when there might be a much better fit just a few miles down the road.

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