Woking Crematorium

Wokingham Crematorium was the first of its kind to open in the country in 1878, constructed on a piece of land near to St John’s Village. In March 1885 the first cremation took place. Since this time, the crematorium has evolved considerably and it now manages many cremations each year. The traditional Chapel located on site has seating for 80 mourners with room for a further 20 people standing. For extra large congregations, outside speakers can be used to broadcast the service outside. Currently owned by the London Cremation Company Plc, the staff are dedicated to accommodating your requirements ensuring that the service is specifically tailored to meet your requirements. Visitors are welcome at any time during opening hours. The crematorium staff recognise the importance of creating a welcoming environment for the bereaved and developing a place where you can visit a personal memorial for quiet reflection.
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Contact information

Hermitage Road, Woking, GU21 8TJ
Telephone 0148 347 2197

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