Guildford Crematorium

The chapel at Guildford Crematorium was opened in 1967 and it is a multi-faith chapel providing services for all beliefs and religions. Seating capacity is currently 100 with further room for standing if this is required. Service times are arranged every 45 minutes, allowing 30 minutes for the service in the chapel and then a further 15 minutes to prepare the chapel for the following service. If you would like to book more time than the 30 minutes this can be arranged on request. Cremation services can be tailored to the requirements of the deceased and their families and the crematorium staff will help as much as possible address your requirements. There is a waiting room next to the chapel which has seating for 14 people if you arrive early before the service. The Wesley Music System can be used for funeral services held at the crematorium featuring more than 300,000 types of music from contemporary songs through to traditional hymns.
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New Pond Road, Godalming, GU7 3DB
Telephone 0148 344 4711

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