Easthampstead Park Crematorium

Easthampstead Park provides a range of options for cremation services including religious, civil or humanitarian depending on your beliefs and requirements. Each funeral service is allotted a 45 minute period with 30 minutes being reserved for the service and a further 15 minutes afterward to prepare the chapel for the next service. Each service can be personalised to deliver a meaningful and poignant ceremony for loved ones. For religious services a local minister or faith leader will lead the service. Civil funerals on the other hand are non religious and they focus on the values, wishes and beliefs of the deceased and their family. Civil funerals are suitable for cremations or burials. Humanist funerals are a suitable alternative to celebrate a life and various options are available for this type of service. The cemetery and crematorium are situated in the grounds of Easthampstead Park, on South Road which is just off the Nine Mile Ride in Wokingham.
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South Road, Bracknell, Wokingham, RG40 3DW
Telephone 0134 442 0314

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