West Wiltshire Crematorium

Owned and managed by the Westerleigh Group, West Wiltshire Crematorium is situated within 10 acres of countryside providing a peaceful and secluded location to hold a cremation service. The crematorium was opened in 1996 developed to reflect the local landscape and fit in well with the surrounding area. The crematorium has its own chapel where funeral services are held every 45 minutes throughout the day. The actual service time is up to 25 minutes. Funeral services at the crematorium can be planned to reflect the requirements of the bereaved and the deceased. As a non-denominational chapel, all faiths are welcome to hold a service here and it is warm and welcoming. The chapel currently has seating for 96 mourners in addition to further space for standing if this is required. Where the funeral is attended by a large number of people, the service can be relayed outside via speakers. Audio and visual tributes can also be arranged and there is a contemporary music system which can be used to play music for the service.
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Devizes Road, Trowbridge, BA14 6HL
Telephone 0138 087 1101

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