Haycombe Crematorium

Opened in 1961, Haycombe crematorium is the only crematorium in Bath and North East Somerset. Located on the southern edge of Bath, it overlooks the Englishcombe valley. In June each year the crematorium hosts an open day between 12noon and 3pm and it provides an opportunity for you to learn more about the cremation process and ease worries that many people have at such a difficult time. Within the chapel there is seating for 75 people but the burial chapel seats 140 if required. The burial chapel is free of charge for a half hour service as well as the crematorium slot. For cremated remains individual plots can be purchased and there are various gardens in the grounds where these can be scattered. Burial under a tree is also available and additional information can be obtained from the crematorium office. Gates to the cemetery are open from 08:00am until 08:00pm during the summer season which runs from 01 April through to 30 September and then from 08:00am until 4:30pm from the 01 October through to the 31 March. The Book of Remembrance is also open each day at the same times.
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Contact information

209 Whiteway Road, Bath, BA2 2RQ
Telephone 0122 539 6020

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