West Norwood Crematorium

Located in the grounds of West Norwood Cemetery, West Norwood Crematorium was constructed in 1956 and the council took over ownership in 1965. There are two chapels within the crematorium; the largest of the chapels can accommodate a congregation of 100 people. The smaller one can seat up to 50 people. In both chapels there is a calm and peaceful atmosphere. The Crematorium can accommodate both religious and non religious services including a full religious service if this is your preference. Music can be provided in the chapel free of charge or there is a chamber organ which can be used if you prefer more traditional types of music. The Book of Remembrance is available for a lasting memorial following the cremation service or you can choose from one of the many other memorial options available at the crematorium if you wish.
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Contact information

Norwood Road, London, SE27 9JU
Telephone 020 7926 7999

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