South London Crematorium

South London Crematorium was opened in 1936 on the site of Streatham Park Cemetery. Since the crematorium was opened many years ago, it has coordinated thousands of crematoriums, each of which have their own story and group of mourners. A cremation service is something personal and the staff will work with you to create a suitable service to celebrate and commemorate the life of a loved one. Service times at the South London Crematorium allows 45 minutes for each service and the chapel is large enough for a funeral with high numbers of attendees. In recent years, a period of refurbishment has been carried out on site which has included the roadways in the grounds as well as improved security fencing, new water standpipes and redecoration to the waiting room and chapel. The gardens of remembrance offer bereaved families some comfort where they can create a lasting memorial.
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Contact information

Rowan Road, Streatham, London, SW16 5JG
Telephone 020 8679 4164

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