West Hertfordshire Crematorium

Operating in West Herts since 1959, West Hertfordshire Crematorium has been designed to offer a peaceful, respectful and comfortable space for you to say goodbye to your loved ones. It is set in a beautiful space that is the ideal surrounds for a beautiful service. There are two chapels within the crematorium both of which are able to offer multi religion, or non-religious services. The North Chapel is the original chapel and is the larger chapel. It is able to hold up to 130 people and this incorporates a balcony space to ensure that everyone is comfortable during the service. The South Chapel is better for those that are looking for an intimate service. It is able to hold up to 50 people and was built in 1977. Both chapels offers up the chance to play music through the organs, for a classical approach or a song from an extensive music library. They are also both fitted with a hearing loop that is ideal for those that have hearing difficulties.
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Contact information

6 High Elms Lane, Garston, WD25 0JS
Telephone 0192 367 3285

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