Chilterns Crematorium

Chilterns Crematorium features two chapels which are available for cremation services. Services are arranged at 45 minute intervals and they take place on a weekday or Saturday morning. The first chapel, the Milton was constructed in 2005 and it is larger than the other chapel the Hampden. It is also located on one level providing seating for 150 people and a spacious area at the back for additional standing room. The Hampden Chapel is the original chapel for Chilterns Crematorium constructed in 1965. This chapel has seating for 60 mourners downstairs. There is also space in the organ gallery for a further 24 and there is standing room to the ground floor at the back of the chapel. The Chapel and garden of remembrance are open to visitors every day throughout the year, however opening times do change depending on the season. Between April and September weekdays they are open between 9am and 8pm. In the winter months between October and March, the opening times are 9am to 6pm weekdays. Saturday opening times year-round is 9am to 5pm. Sundays and Bank Holidays the grounds are open between 10am and 5pm.
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Whielden Lane, Amersham, HP7 0ND
Telephone 0149 472 4263

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