Portchester Crematorium

Opened in 1958, Portchester Crematorium is situated between Portsmouth and Fareham. The Crematorium is currently managed by a Joint Committee of Councillors. There are two chapels at the crematorium, both of which are non-denominational. In terms of the actual cremation service, a number of options are available including an organist who can provide music on request. Alternatively music can be provided on CD or through MP3 as part of the standard service. Families are actively encouraged to make the service personalised and unique by providing their own music. The original chapel, is known as the South Chapel and it has seating for 80 mourners with additional standing room for 40 people. The North Chapel is the newest of the two and is designed for smaller congregations. Currently seating capacity is 40. Discrete lighting and subtle colours in both of the chapels aim to create a comforting and peaceful atmosphere in which to hold the service.
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Contact information

Upper Cornaway Lane, Fareham, PO16 8NE
Telephone 0132 982 2533

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